SZZL Sparkling Tea is a reimagination of the drinks we used to love. With real fruits, a blast of C02 and just a touch of natural sweetness, this ancient brew has never been so bright and bubbly. This is tea, revived.



We all love a good peach tea. Our version includes real fruit and antioxidant-rich green tea to keep things light and refreshing. We think you’ll taste the difference. 




Our modern take on the childhood classic--LEMONADE. Notes of ginger and tropical fruits add just enough complexity to make things interesting. Think of us as your modern day lemonade stand.


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This one is a real throwback. Do you remember that fruit punch you gave up on long ago? Well, it’s back and here to stay in the form of our hibiscus infused citrus punch. Enjoy now, thank us later.

Caffeine Free.


At SZZL, we focus on the rather obvious; making irresistible products that come from the classic mold but are reinvented with an eye towards health, wellness, and social responsibility. 

We believe that the key to a healthy and sustainable culture of Food & Drink is to focus on flavor first, and we believe that our products reflect just that.


In addition to prioritizing deliciousness and championing health through flavor, we also strive to provide a product whose ingredients are responsibly sourced. We will participate only with purveyors who align with our core principles of integrity and candor and we will build our brand upon the fact that SZZL doesn't just taste better - it is better, in every way.

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